Babies and Beyond

People are often surprised that babies and children may receive chiropractic care. Herts Family Chiropractic regularly has whole families come in to get adjusted and there are plenty of toys to keep your child distracted.

Your child’s first years in life are the building blocks on which the quality of their adult life is determined. The rate at which a baby's body grows and develops is extraordinary; in the first two years of a child's life 90% of their neurological foundation is being formed. It is therefore vital to have good communication between the brain and body at this stage of their life.

The spine and cranial bones are simply there to house and protect the brain and nerves. It is essential these bones are balanced and moving, making it easier for the brain and nervous system to signal messages around the body. Chiropractic can help ensure the spine and cranium is balanced, giving them the healthiest start in life and reaching their growth and developmental milestones.

Chiropractic care for babies includes a combination of gentle techniques applied to the spine and limbs including cranial work and soft tissue work. Treatment is designed to improve the function of your child’s spine – preventing any tensions developing – as well as keeping their nervous system and cranial function in check. The techniques used are incredibly gentle and do not hurt. The pressure used can be compared to that used to touch your own eyeball.

It’s never too late for your baby to have their first chiropractic check up. The earlier problems are detected and corrected, the less likely they are to affect your baby’s health and development.

If you are unsure if chiropractic is suitable for your baby please do not hesitate to call on 07947678375 to book a free mini consultation.

Children & Teenagers

Sarah loves to work with children, ensuring they have healthy spinal function and good posture is key to a healthy spine and body in adulthood.

During childhood, kids have bundles of energy and no fear! Obvious falls and bumps will happen, but also more subtle stressors such as school bags; too much screen time; learning to ride a bike, can all cause undue stress or injury to their young bodies. Similarly, many children play sports either at school or competitively. Injuries can often occur when a young body is not always strong enough to be able to cope with the demands placed on. What’s important to know is that these stresses and injuries don’t always result in pain straight away, but can still strain the spinal function and nervous system. If they are left undetected this can amount to having a negative effect on their health.

Teenagers are more commonly becoming susceptible to pain too. Most present to the clinic complaining of back pain, neck pain and headaches and unfortunately most of these issues are down to poor posture that has developed through modern day living. The long hours sitting in classes and studying for exams, carrying heavy school bags and a rise in the additional use of technology such as iphones and ipads are all having a profound effect on their young developing spines.

Regardless of your child’s age, Chiropractic care uses gentle techniques to restore balance to their spine and nervous system and is an effective way of helping to correct and minimise these stresses. This ensures their body is always on the right track throughout their development.

Equally as important is educating children and teenagers about the importance of looking after their spines, adopting better health habits and leading more active lifestyles. Getting into good postural habits when they are younger makes them more likely to become adults with good postural habits.

Just as you have your child’s sight, hearing and teeth checked regularly during their developing years, your child’s key structure deserves as much attention to ensure nothing carries through to later life.

If you are unsure if chiropractic is suitable for your child or teenager please call us on 07947678475 us a call for a chat and book in for a free mini consultation.