Frequently Asked Questions

The nervous system is running the show, it is receiving and sending out information 24/7. The spine and skull protect your nervous system. If an area of your skeleton isn’t moving as it should, it weakens the connection between the brain and the body. A chiropractic adjustment helps to restore the motion in a restricted joint, relieving any nerve pressure and facilitating the natural healing and recovery process that the body goes through.

Chiropractors provide treatment to all age groups, from babies and children to the very elderly. They treat people from all walks of life from office workers, manual workers, health workers, pregnant women and sports enthusiasts. Everyone no matter how young or old can benefit from Chiropractic care.

Importantly treatment is adapted to the individual’s needs, age, health and requirements.

The clicking or popping noise isn’t anything cracking, or breaking it is just gas being released from the joints. Around your joints there is fluid and gas pressure can build up. When joint separation occurs there is a decrease in pressure and therefore gas is released and this is what makes the sound.

It’s hard to wait when you’re a patient in pain. At Herts Family Chiropractic we strive to get an appointment that’s convenient for you within 24 to 48 hours of calling for your first appointment.

The initial consultation is always longer than the follow up sessions. The time spent with a chiropractor will depend on what needs to be done. Once it is understood what’s going on with your body, appropriate care will be discussed, the time it will take and how often we will need to see you for.

More than likely yes! We will aim to get you back up on your feet as quickly as possible and you will be well informed about the recommended course of care tailored to meet your goals.

You can utilise chiropractic care as much or as little as you wish, our aim is to help you achieve your health goals – so Sarah is happy to help you for as long as you desire.

Herts Family Chiropractic was primarily set up for this purpose!

You will always be in the safest of hands when you come to us for Chiropractic treatment

To become a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), there is a lengthy and rigorous course of training that must first be completed and is to a masters degree level. Doctors of Chiropractic are regulated by the General Chiropractic council and must undertake a programme of continual professional development (CPD) each year. Sarah regularly attends seminars to continuously learn and develop her skills so you will always receive the best care you deserve.

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Chiropractic has an exemplary safety record, and all practitioners are highly trained, extremely competent and take great care to ensure patients’ health and wellbeing.

Chiropractors are experienced and highly skilled in what we do. Herts Family Chiropractic will always be sensitive to your personal level of discomfort and will work to make sure that we use treatment techniques that will get the best results, and be as comfortable and painless as possible.

However, some patients initially present to the clinic in acute pain and when an area of the body becomes inflamed, damaged or overused it can become overly sensitised and painful. In order to restore function, we may need to work directly with the affected joints and/or muscles. Some common side effects can be soreness, muscle aches, headache or fatigue lasting no more than 24-48hours.

If any discomfort persists, or you are concerned about your symptoms, please call on 07947678375.

After your initial appointment, we will have a good idea of your prognosis. The number of treatments required is completely dependent on the individual and the presenting complaint. Response to care will depend on many factors e.g how long you have had the problem; previous traumas; occupation and lifestyle choices. 

Many people want to use chiropractic as one way of keeping their spines healthy, just like they see a dentist to keep their teeth healthy. The reality is you only get one spine and unlike teeth, your spine is irreplaceable so it makes sense to look after it in the best way you can. We will always recommend lifestyle modifications and encourage active participation in exercise,  enabling you to take control of your own health too.

No. Only if there is a valid, clinical reason for doing so.

Diversified predominantly with some SOT, Thompson drop, activator technique, flexion-distraction and acupuncture (dry needling). Sarah has been on many courses and honed her skills through many years of practice.

Chiropractors are primary healthcare providers which means that whilst we welcome referrals from medical doctors, you do not need a GP referral to make an appointment to see us. However, if you intend on covering the cost of care through your healthcare insurance provider, you may require a GP referral to start the process.

Chiropractic and Osteopathy are very similar disciplines and there is a huge overlap of treatments used and conditions they treat. Chiropractic treatment tends to place a greater emphasis on the spine and the adjustment having an effect on the nervous system. Osteopathy focuses more on the circulatory system.

We are the go-to people to relieve your suffering if you live in Harpenden itself, or surrounding areas such as Wheathampstead, St Albans and Luton. Patients also come to us from Welwyn Garden City, Markyate, and Watford and sometimes further afield from central London.

Herts Family Chiropractic is the most welcoming, family-friendly chiropractic clinic in the Hertfordshire area.

In the majority of cases we will work around or through clothing. Please wear clothing which you feel comfortable in and that allows access to the symptomatic area.

Sarah is a registered provider with most private health insurance companies except BUPA.

Apart from AXA PPP who is billed directly, we normally take payment for treatments and a receipt will be emailed to you for you to claim the costs back. If I can be of any further help in regards to private health insurance please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Cash and online card payments are accepted at the practice. We do not accept American express.