Osteoarthritis of the spine, hip and knee

Arthritis or wear and tear is a normal process of ageing. Similar to tooth decay, degeneration of your joints begins without your knowing, and it occurs slowly to all of us. The process can be accelerated by poor posture, repetitive excessive use of joints in an occupation, or after an injury.

All the surfaces of your joints are covered by a layer of cartilage and this can be worn down over time. The general wear and tear process results in joints laying down extra areas of bone in an attempt to support the damaged area. In doing so, a slight loss of proper joint movement in a worn joint may cause nerve irritation and inflammation which could lead to pain.

Arthritis can occur in any joint but as the hip and knee joints are large weight bearing joints, they are generally predisposed to more wear and tear. Generally our bodies compensate for this, and even if the wear and tear is quite advanced we can feel little or no pain. Sometimes the wear and tear isn’t actually the source of pain, but it’s effect on the surrounding structures.

It is not possible to take away any damage that has been caused by wear and tear, but Chiropractic can help mobilise your joints to reduce the stiffness and muscle spasm and pains often associated with it. For those who do experience symptoms, as well as treatment, lifestyle advice and pain management approaches including postural exercises, ergonomic and dietary advice are important to help slow down the process.